"Folk singers head for Coast"

Article by Jo Keppel, West Coast Messenger

A regular on the Dunedin singer-songwriter circuit, Daniel Madill is set to play at three West Coast venues next month.

Madill grew up in the Dunedin folk music community and plays his own low-fi blend of psych-folk, blues and country, striving to create "folk music with a contemporary vision".

Last year, he "threw minimal electronica into the mix" and the Coast gigs are part of a South Island tour to promote his resulting debut album, The Submariner's Dilemma.

"Largely produced in a windowless room of an old tea factory on a diet of Marmite, toast, coffee and insomnia, the album contains subtle wordplay hidden behind gentle melodies, acoustic guitars and a sprinkling of blips, bleeps and beats," he said.

"From the bluesy neoliberal nightmares of Storm Surge to the 60s folk jangle of Porch Song, the album will gently roll over you like a cool breeze on a summer's day, but with enough edge to unsettle you out of your slumber."

For the tour, the electronic backing of the album will be replaced by the rhythm styling of Chris Wratislav on bass and Glen Kellett on percussion, with the "alt folk soul sounds" of Jo Little playing in support.

Daniel Madill, the backing band and Jo Little will be at the Star Tavern, Westport on August 6, Barrytown Hall on August 7 and Cook's Saddle Cafe, Fox Glacier on August 8.