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‘A modern lo-fi retake on folk- and blues-based music.’


- NZ Musician 27/10/2017


Daniel Madill creates garage folk songs for the modern fears: days spent at tills and the swapping of bills. It’s a big sounding psych-folk and blues mash. Howlin’ Wolf, Arthur Lee and Gene Clarke are his holy trinity.


He’s played shows from one end of the long white cloud to the other, Sharing the stage with the likes of The Eastern, The Tattle Tale Saints, Luckless and Tacoma Mould.


Madill has recently expanded his musical endeavour to a four piece with the addition of Dan Callahan (Candi & The Rockets) on drums, Jono Hopley (The Eastern) on bass and Glenn Teasdale (Candi & The Rockets) on lead guitar. He is also working on a full-length album due out later this year, as well as his electronic folk project, Cosmic Computer.


Madill cut his musical teeth in Dunedin on a guitar his uncle made, and his father once played. He gigged on the local indie circuit for a few years before shifting up the road to Christchurch in 2014.


Early 2015 saw the release of Madill’s first EP, Diatom. Vocals and guitars laid down on an old Tascam four track; a little nod to eighties and nineties lo-fi. The EP got a bit of an airing around the place, here's what someone else had to say about it:


‘The calm power of Daniel’s songs has a great way of

soothing your mind and day, and they also have this

driven-ness that energizes you when you hear them,

whether it's been for the first or the fiftieth time.’

- Radio One 91FM


In July 2017, the Bake a Snake EP spiraled from Madill’s mental wilderness. The production aesthetic was very much in keeping with the first EP. NZ Musician described it as ‘a testament to the fact that sometimes over-polishing, over-producing and throwing in a marching band of instruments isn’t the answer,’ and wrote, ‘you’ll easily find yourself singing along to the charming country/folk melodies strewn amongst the track listings’.


Madill performs regularly, so follow him online to find out when he is playing a show near you and get yourself along. It will be well worth it!





Upcoming Gigs

11th  Febuary 2021 - The Darkroom, Christchurch W/ TBA

3rd November 2018 - Ferrymead Night Market, Christchurch

10th November 2018 - Uproar Music Festival, Christch

Recent Gigs

6th October 2018 - Lyttelton Records, Christchurch W/ Darryl Baser & Megahertz

27th September 2018 - Space Academy, Christchurch W/ Admiral Drowsy & Tacoma Mould

25th August 2018 - Exchange Christchurch Makers Market, Christchurch

3rd May 2018 - Ibis Hotel, Christchurch 

9th March 2018 - Arbour Wood Fired Pizza, Lyttelton W/ Tacoma Mould

23rd December 2017 - The Darkroom Holiday Special Strikes Back! Christchurch


      New EP 'Bake a Snake'

Here are five more songs set in tape; morality tales for the unearthly community. Sharpen your blade on the daily grind: indentured lawn dwellers, back busted and legally doped. Share the laments of the hometown dropout cut from the god head liberal. It’s the world Huxley promised us: the new England and the old America. History and future passed. The current world order, where fruit is to take; put on the jug and I’ll bake a snake.

© Daniel Madill 2017